Method of Automated Identification of Metaphoric Meaning in Adjective+ Noun Word Combinations (Based on the Ukrainian Language)

Levchenko, O., Romanyshyn, N., & Dosyn, D. (2019). Method of Automated Identification of Metaphoric Meaning in Adjective + Noun Word Combinations (Based on the Ukrainian Language). MoMLeT.


This article describes the methods of automated identification of metaphoric combinations Adjective+ Noun based on dictionary definition. The research is carried out on the Ukrainian language, СУМ–11/Dictionary of Modern Ukrainian-11 and Grac v. 3 corpus that served as the source of research material. On the basis of dictionary entry of the polysemantic adjective definitions two sample word lists are created that correspond to its direct and figurative meanings. Besides that, the method involves the creation of stable metaphors database fixed by explanatory or phraseological dictionaries. To perform the analysis it is recommended to compile the word frequency list of the nouncomponent definitions, compared to the sample word list, where each coincidence is ascribed a corresponding index according to the previously defined “sample” relative frequency; the sum of coincidence values for each sample coincidences is calculated. The higher value indicates either direct or figurative meaning of the collocation. The algorithm has been verified on a certain type of metaphoric combinations, besides, the list of selected adjectives to be processed includes only those adjectives which figurative meanings are fixed by dictionaries. The algorithm generates some inaccurate results for a number of nouncomponents thematic groups which habitually depends on the exactness of definitions, in other words, its typical character for a certain thematic category. The method’s accuracy constitutes 90% when analysis is performed according to separate meanings of the noun-component, when the whole definition is analyzed the accuracy is about 80%.